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Small loaders

The loader 463 has the most compact build in its class, it  weighs only 1300 kg and is ideal for difficult tasks in spaces that are too narrow for other plants. The miniloader has a wide choice of appliances, is easy to use,  overcomes whole wider than 92 cm and heights 182 cm. If the space allows to use a wider loader, Bobcat® 553 seems perfect because of quick and efficient work in many fields. This easy to be transported miniloadder, model 553, was constructed to do all kinds of work with more than 20 appliances – to dig, level the ground, crumbling concrete and sweeping streets. Bob-Tach™ attachment mounting system provides with a quick and easy change of  attachments.


Medium size loaders

Medium size Bobcat®  loaders – from S130 to S205 – offer a wide choice of wheelbase and lifting arms, which  were designed to match the customers’ needs. Model S130 with a conventional wheelbase and a compact build provides for exceptional maneuvering possibility in limited space. Model S150 and all the bigger models offer widened wheelbase, so the loader can lift heavier loads and the driving is smoother.
There is also a wide choice of  boom arms, radiant and vertical kinematic gear , of which the second one  is intended for the use while lifting and transporting loads. Double tilt controller provides with better lifting and digging  power as well as a better access to the cabin and better visibility of the attachments. Wide range of attachments for work in soil make the medium size Bobcat®  loaders perfect for work at landscaping.

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