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Due to over 60 types of attachments, adjusted to hard work and specialist tasks, your  Bobcat® loader is truly economical. Each attachment is constructed and produced  so to cooperate with the basic machine  providing optimal performance, reliability and durability. This is true value.  This is the quality of Bobcat® attachments.

Unique system Bob-Tach™ makes for quick and safe attachments changes

Loader Bobcat® + Bob-Tach™ = Winning combination

As fast as  snapping one’s fingers, a bucket can be changed for pallet forks, rakes, back attachments, an auger, a grapple and many others, due to a unique mounting system Bob-Tach™. System Bob-Tach™ is  adjusted for work in hard conditions, equipped with wedges pressed with springs, with the wear compensation, providing solid mounting at all times. The change of the attachments with a comfortable mounting system Bob-Tach™.

The system allows to change the attachments quickly at the place of its use. Due to the system Power Bob-Tach™, available as an  option, the attachments ,without hydraulic  drive system, can be changed without even leaving the cab. The  levers of Bob-Tach™ , which are activated by a switch on the middle board, can be opened and closed hydraulically increasing  the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of all compact track loaders Bobcat®.

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