Firma Polska | 1995
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1995 r. the foundation of the Gizo Trucks & Trailers company by Grzegorz Niewiński
import of trucks, trailers and construction plants
1998 r. extending activity by international transport
1999 r. the purchase of the first 4 lifts for lease – Makro Białystok construction
2000 r. the purchase and export of trucks and trailers to the Near East countries
2002 r. tarting construction of the new head offices of Gizo in Zlotoria, at the route nr. 8 Bialystok – Warsaw in cooperation with the local company Instal Bialystok SA
2003 r. ceremonial opening of the new head office building and warehouses
2004 r. the construction of the next office building and 2 warehouses in Zlotoria
2006 r. Gizo becomes a general importer of lifts to the Polish market
construction and starting a new car wash for trucks and construction plants
2007 r. onstruction and opening of the branch Gizo Tychy, commencing cooperation with the HDW company
opening the new REGIONAL VEHICLE CONTROL STATION in Zlotoria
2008 r. opening the branches in Gdansk, Poznan and Warsaw
2008-2010r. expanding and modernizing service and transport net regarding lifts
2009 r. transforming organizational-legal form of Gizo into Gizo Rental Ltd
Gizo overtakes the service of trucks Man
2012 r. a new branch of Gizo, at the western beltway of Poznań is being opened
the activity is expanded by the lease of forklifts
opening an agency for the east
creating a new branch of Gizo in Wroclaw
2014 r. Start of construction of a new branch in the industrial zone KLESZCZÓW
2014 r. Start of construction of a new branch in Wrocław
2015 r. Gizo is the exclusive dealer of Manitou lift in Polish
2016 r. completion of construction of new branches in Kleszczów, Szczecin and Wroclaw
2016 r. Launching operations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
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