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Realization date: 2013-02-07

We would like to confirm that the GIZO company Grzegorz Niewinski, Zlotoria 225, 16-070 Choroszcz provided PKN ORLEN S.A with a boom lift telescopic GENIE type Z34/22N within the scope of the task 11327 ‘Construction of installation of  p-xylene production’ – basic installation.

The order covered supplying  a boom lift telescopic GENIE type Z34/22N and conduct training for 10 operators to receive qualifications to operate moveable platforms with an exam of the Technical Inspection Office.

The GIZO company performed the tasks appropriately and met our expectations earnestly.

Taking the above into consideration we can recommend the GIZO company to other business subjects, truly believing that future client will be satisfied with the cooperation.

Faithfully yours
Property Investments Director
Marek Kaszuba