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25lat doświadczenia GIZO

Recommendation Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan

Realization date: 2010-03-02

We are glad to recommend the GIZO company as a reliable and solid partner.

The company provided us with a moveable platform AWP-25S.

This platform is exceptional in the easiness and speed of mounting, simple operating, compact construction which makes transport and parking of the plant  easy.

Due to the use of the platform AWP mounting the lightning and various kinds of pieces of art became much easier. The platform is a necessary plant for lightning and lifting equipment  maintenance. What is more,  it improve the work safety and comfort.

The GIZO company has  professional staff that  fulfills orders and advises at choosing  the right plant with commitment. An additional advantage of the company is providing professional training and obtaining qualifications to operate those plants.

Faithfully Yours
Department Manager