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Recommendation Expo-Instal

Realization date: 2010-03-08

Expo-Instal Slawomir Jujeczka  company has a pleasure to recommend the GIZO company, which offers a wide range of lifts, moveable platforms and construction plants

We purchased a lift Genie SLC18 (maximum load capacity up to 295kg)

Our company deals with stalls construction and due to the use of the lift from the GIZO company the speed and quality of the mounted elements. The additional advantages of this pant is that it is easy to mount, transport and operation – three elements that  contribute to a quick construction of a stall.

What’s more, the GIZO company provided us with professional advice in choosing an appropriate plant, which would meet our expectations.

To sum up, very good quality of the plant and machines offered by the GIZO company and qualified staff  satisfying the needs of clients, quickly reacting to their comments makes he company fully recommendable.

Faithfully yours
Slawomir Jujeczka