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Servicing trucks and semi-trailers

Our service station is not only one of the biggest but one of the most modern object of this kind in the region. The garage is equipped with specialised computers, testers for vehicle, trailer and semi-trailer diagnostics, which improves the ordered repairs. The correct diagnostics of EBS in trucks is made possible by an ETM device, which considerably shortens the diagnostic period. Complex equipment of the garage as well as series of training sessions make it possible to repair your vehicle in the shortest possible time in accordance with the technology of the vehicles producer.

zeg The vehicle which is serviced or repaired in Gizo is recorded so it is easy to check the history of each vehicle repairs.
znacz We use oil, air and fuel filters only of renowned manufacturers, the same who provide filters for the first installation.
check The overviews are done according to a list of actions for each type of vehicles and all the actions are recorded in the servicing computer.


We grant a warranty for our services. Regular client may eceive extended payment deadlines and discounts.

EBS diagnostics and repair

Axis repairs and overviews

Repair and maintenance of a wide range of trailers and semi-trailers.

Spare parts sale

We sell a wide range of spare parts for MAN vehicles and all brands of trucks.

We offer:

  • oryginal spare parts
  • additional equipment
  • spare parts
  • consumables
  • remanufactured parts
  • vehicle accessories
We receive the parts that are available in the country within 24 hours, and the ones from abroad within 7 to 10 days. We provide our clients all over the country with the parts delivery directly to them by a delivery company within 24 hours.
All the parts that are sold by us have a producer warranty of 12 to 24 months

Sample prices of our services

  • Gearbox repair – from PLN 150,00 
  • Computer diagnostics – from PLN 150,00
  • Brake blocks of one axis replacement – from PLN 130,00
  • Remanufacturing Common Rail injectors – PLN 800,00
  • Injectors replacement (6 pcs.) – PLN 910,00
  • Measurement of leakage in CR system – PLN 465,00
  • TGA, TGX, TGS (Castrol M3477,10W40,euro 4,5) 
  • oil replacement – PLN 820,00
  • TGL oil replacement (4 cylinders) – PLN 300,00
  • TGL, TGM oil replacement (6 cylinders) – PLN 380,00
  • Those prices are net prices

MAN Service - trucks

Anna Dabrowska
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Marek Nowik
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Miroslaw Niemkuc
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