Goods lifts for rent

We provide high quality assembly lifts, which can be used, among others, in construction and renovation works. Their construction guarantees efficient execution of tasks in all conditions and easy transport. The machines are equipped with an optimal, one-piece platform. If necessary, however, they can be equipped with a special bed for lifting round elements.

Gas goods lifts

The lifts can be supplied by CO2 or compressed air. They have a special universal reducer that fits any size of gas cylinder. Our rental goods lifts can be used immediately after import – preparing machines for operation is very simple and fast, and does not require any tools.

Each lift has an easy-to-use joystick to control equipment operation. It allows you to perform all the necessary works, both indoors and outdoors.

Mobile goods lifts

Prepared machines can be easily moved thanks to the foldable base equipped with wheels. The design of the lifts allows them to be used indoors as well as outdoors under various weather conditions. They are easy to service and do not require any special tools to operate.

We offer lifts for construction applications as well as for various assembly (assembly lifts), repair and maintenance tasks.