Passenger lifts for rent

We offer rental of passenger lifts, which allow for safe execution of various types of work on heights. The construction of the equipment guarantees full protection of people on the platforms. Work safety on this type of passenger lifts is ensured by various types of sensors and advanced protective functions.

Mobile passenger lifts

The offer includes mobile devices, which are a much more efficient and comfortable alternative to ordinary ladders or scaffolding. They can be used both indoors and outdoors.
The mobile lifts are easy to move from place to place. During operation, they guarantee a stable position, as well as protection in the form of a strong platform and properly constructed barriers, while leaving full freedom to work on heights.

Self-propelled passenger lifts

For rent, we also offer self-propelled lifts, which can be quickly and efficiently delivered to the site. The electric passenger lift is available in different versions according to the maximum height, so it can be optimally selected according to individual customer needs.
Effective and safe work on heights is also ensured by additional functions such as the side overhang option, the dual battery wheel assist package, the laser height sensor or the toolbox. This ensures that the passenger lifts are suitable for any surface.