SLE3014 forklift side loader

– drive: electric
– mast: telescopic Duplex type
lifting height: 4.00 m
– the height of the folded mast: 2.85 m
lifting capacity: 3.0 t
total length: 4.5 m
– total width: 2.20 m
– cabin height: 2.71 m
– depth of platform: 1.41 m
platform height: 0.86 m
the distance between platform arms platform: 1.40 m
– weight: 8 100 kgs

Duplex telescopic mast
– hydraulic oil cooler
specially reinforced mast steel profiles
lift engine – 22 KW – AC technology (alternating current)
– driving motors – 2 x 7,5 KW (one engine per axle) – AC technology (alternating current)
guides and guide rolls equipped with bearings to facilitate the arrangement of the load at all altitudes
the motors are control by vector inverters, which extend battery life up to 15% relative to standard control
front wheels turning with hydraulic systemliquid control and comfortable operation
drive axle and front axle automatically adjust to uneven terrain taking care of the constant pressure of the wheel to the surface, at full load as well as on unladen driving

distilled water refill system
extra batteries set
– pockets for replacing batteries with another forklift
– super flexible tires “Solideal tires Solid Air”
– speedometer and speed limiter

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