Linde 2.5 t
H25T - forklift truck with liquid gas engine


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Technical data

3.15 m

2500 kg

3556 kg

– Lifting height: 3.15 m
– Propulsion: diesel or LPG
– Height to roof the cabin: 2.17 m
– Load capacity: 2.5 t
– Length: 3.67 m
– Width: 1.18 m
– Width of rob. aisle with pallet 800×1200 along: 4.21 m
– Width of rob. aisle with pallet 1000×1200 across: 4.01 m
– Speed of driving with/without load: 21 km/h / 21 km/h
– Loaded axle load, front/rear: 5 347/709 kg
– Unladen axle load, front/rear: 1 679 / 1 877 kg
– Kerb weight: 3 556 kg


– No differential or conventional brakes
-The hydrostatic drive provides a stepless increase in braking force as the pedal is released
– Very well proven durability and reliability in the most difficult applications
– Low cost of maintenance cycles for long life and extended service life without downtime
– Quick forward/reverse direction of travel without removing feet from the pedals
– Short pedal stroke
– Greater efficiency
– Small, handy joystick integrated in the adjustable armrest
– The engine speed is automatically synchronised with the power requirement of the hydraulic functions
– High torque for impressive performance
– Extremely low fuel consumption
– Allows for easy adaptation to individual needs
– Reliable electronic controller by doubling the circuits of all monitoring systems
– Full load capacity available even at maximum lift height


– Single-pedal control system with direction of travel switch in the armrest
– Standard type poles with lifting heights from 3 to 5.4 m
– Duplex masts (full freefall) with lifting heights from 3.03 to 4.13 m
– Triplex type poles (full freefall) with lift heights from 4.52 to 6.31 m
– Integrated side sliding
– Integrated fork positioner
– Alternative fork lengths
– Roof guard and tilt cylinders
– Possibility of a fully enclosed driver’s cab: roof, windscreen, rear window and doors
– Trolley lighting, work lights
– Audio reversing, rotary and stroboscopic signal Flasher beacon
– Mirrors
– Camera and color monitor
– Roof guard and tilt cylinders