New in GIZO! Electric articulated work platform 4×4 – 20m working!

Lifts of the future – the generation of battery and hybrid lifts with 4×4 drive!

Genie Z60 / 37 DC – 4×4 battery powertrain

Another novelty in the rental and sale of Gizo among battery-powered articulated lifts. The Genie Z60 / 37 DC articulated telehandler is the first battery lift with real 4×4 features. Thanks to the use of 4 direct electric motors located at the wheels, the machine is strong enough to move on uneven terrain with a power greater than that offered by standard internal combustion engines! The motors used are tight, which in connection with the oscillating axis, off-road wheels allows you to ride in water, mud or on the sand.

An additional new feature is the so-called fast mast, which consists in the possibility of leaving the machine basket to the zero level using only one machine function, which significantly shortens the time of lifting and lowering the operator. This innovation shortens the time of performing specific service or construction works.

The machine is offered with a platform with one entry at the front or a platform with 2 entries, which gives the possibility of mounting additional options packages for lifting loads such as panels or small pipes to the place of their assembly

At present, Genie has already equipped almost all machine models with the operator’s safety system. Lift Guard – Contact alarm. The system will easily turn off the machine’s functions and turn on both light and sound alarms if the operator hits the back of the head or faints. Mounted over the upper control panel, the magnet-supported cord will be “torn” by the operator falling down on the control panel, which will lead to the suspension of all machine functions.