Articulated lifts for sale

We offer specialized articulated lifts adapted for use in construction, renovation, cleaning, repair and many other works. Available machines are diverse in terms of their operation and the most important technical parameters.

Electric articulated lifts

We sell and rent machines powered by electric motors. Stable power supply guarantees reliability in all conditions, and control panels mounted in the elevators allow for efficient adjustment of equipment operation to current needs. Individual models of electric articulated lifts differ in terms of overhang, among other things.

Battery-powered articulated lifts

We also offer battery-powered articulated lifts, which guarantee full mobility and the possibility of using equipment indoors. They are excellent articulated lifts for work in the hall and other production spaces. Depending on your needs, we supply models with many additional options, such as pulsed light, pneumatic line and heavy duty package.

Fuel articulated lifts

For intensive work requiring high load capacity, we recommend our fuel machines. The high load capacity, maximum height, arm reach and other features of our fuel articulated lifts guarantee reliability on any surface, as do the additional packages that allow you to adapt your equipment to specific, specialized tasks.