Passenger lifts for sale

We sell modern passenger lifts, used, among others, during construction, repair or overhaul works. Each model has been designed and manufactured in accordance with the strictest standards and requirements concerning efficiency or comfort of work.

The Genie lift is offered in two models – a sliding passenger lift and a self-propelled lift (Manitou lifts are also available). In each case, our customers can count on a choice of different maximum heights as well as weight and load capacity of the equipment. In addition, there are different platform dimensions and accessories which have a positive impact on the comfort of use of the equipment.

New and used passenger lifts for sale

For the convenience of our customers we have an offer of new and used machines – very attractive in terms of price. This offer includes, among others, Genie’s GR series of lifts.

The devices offered guarantee stable operation in all conditions, thanks to a wide range of additional equipment (e.g. warning light, air line supplied to the platform, mobile manlift, lift movement alarm, supports for outdoor work, tool shelf and others). A lift for working on heights equipped in this way will prove itself in all conditions.