Scissor lifts for sale

We offer modern scissor lifts of renowned brands, whose equipment is used for construction and repair works. We sell Genie lifts, as well as Manitou lifts. They have been made using the best materials, as well as proven, valued systems and technologies. The models available from us vary in terms of maximum load capacity, weight and maximum height, among other things, so that we can respond to the different needs of our clients.

New and used scissor lifts for sale

Scissor lifts are offered in both new and used versions. Their prices are very attractive. Among other things, the Genie GN and GS series of scissor lifts are very popular. There are also Manitou SE and SC models.

The division of the offered devices also concerns their drive (fuel and electric models), as well as the way they are made. It is possible to buy outdoor scissor lifts, the construction of which has been specially reinforced, and indoor scissor lifts – for example in production halls.

Battery-powered scissor lifts

In the sales catalogue you will find battery-powered lifts, which work perfectly under a roof. There are lifts with electric and hydraulic drive.

Depending on the needs, the equipment of the lifts may include a steel platform, an anti-slip floor, a hydraulic motor cover and many other elements.

Fuel scissor lifts

We also sell fuel scissor lifts, which are characterized by increased power and high load capacity. Thanks to modern engines and four-wheel drives, they are able to work in all conditions, even in the most difficult ones. In their case, we also offer a wide range of additional equipment, suited to individual customer needs.