Caterpillar lifts for sale

Our track-based basket lifts are designed to work in a variety of conditions, including the most difficult ones. We guarantee access to machines with different capabilities – maximum height of equipment (even up to 50 meters) or load capacity. This allows for optimal selection of equipment for specific tasks.

Track-based lifts ensure smooth, stable operation and good ground settlement. They are equipped with electric and internal fuel engines, so they can work both indoors and outdoors. With additional options, the lifts can also guarantee the ability to drive on stairs and delicate surfaces, hydraulic height adjustment of the chassis and much, much more.

Track-based lifts for special purposes

We supply special lifts to the most demanding customers, which are suitable for the most difficult conditions. Strong stabilizing supports allow for operation in strong winds as well as on uncertain terrain. The comfort of work is further enhanced by self-levelling and an intuitive and clear control panel.

The track-based basket lifts are very easy to transport. Thanks to their small dimensions, they are ideal for buildings and also for thin ceilings. The machines are designed to provide the user with complete freedom of movement and a wide range of configuration possibilities. This allows them to be used for a variety of tasks under any conditions and on almost any surface.