We have over 20-year-long experience in servicing construction plants. Our servicing net consists of 8 branches in Poland and a few outposts in Europe. We have the knowledge and technical infrastructure necessary for maintaining most of the services on the construction site.


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We offer:

  • a mobile and fully-equipped servicing – an possibility to carry out complicated repairs, even on the working site not only in Poland.
  • running periodic guarantee service for foot-pace GENIE
  • renovation of plants (servicing older models and full painting)
  • preparing used machines for periodic routine tests before UDT
  • preparing plants to register in UDT – compiling the required technical documentation, issuing CE duplicate, we have authorised maintenance technicians for mobile foot-paces, we organize training with an exam and issuing UDT certificate to operate mobile foot-paces
  • sale of spare parts for both new and used plants
  • sale of accumulators

We have a certificate of Technical Inspection Office

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